The Dead Reserves follows the global adventures of the members of the Post Live Adjustments agency. A team of talented people, all of whom can channel the dead to aid them in the various cases they’re working, by using totemic artifacts connected to the deceased.

Sydney Suburbs, Black Town.

Evan Salt lives at the end of the line. His dad Todd has locked in syndrome and it’s his mum Linda’s full-time job to look after him. She keeps waiting for Todd to come back again, and that hope has become her obsession. She ignores everything else.

Living on TV dinners and fending for himself Evan was mostly neglected as a child and has grown into a quiet, isolated teen. An easy target for bullies because of his weight and strange disposition Evan was instead overlooked due to a naturally unsettling factor that scares most people away from him. It would later manifest itself as Evan’s connection to the dead, most notably dead animals, insects and anything that slithers or crawls.

Animals and insects have long been considered not to have spirits, but Evan knows better. Anything that lives leaves an imprint on the spirit web. The smaller things are Evans friends. They listen when nobody else does. They’re invisible mostly, like him.

When the PLA’s Susan Smith came across Evan doing one of her road safety talks in schools across Australia she groomed him for a weekend job as office tea boy for the city branch of the PLA. She has plans to make him an operative when he finishes school. Even Susan finds Evan creepy, though. But also extremely useful.

Evan has a particular dislike of authority figures and anyone who would be mean to children. He hates to see himself in other people, despite having embraced his own strange existence.

Which leads us to …


…  Poor Charlie White.

Charlies dad has been touching him since he came back permanently from his tour of duty with the army. Charlie let it slip and now he’s a walking target for any bounce with a bad sense of humor and no morals in the school yard.

And that’s fucking oath, bro. Charlie’s been getting a real bad time of late. Things are bad at school and worse at home.

Maybe creepy Evan can help. Let’s see …

Writer: W.D. McQuaid

Art & Letters: Jason Stewart



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