Hi pals, W.D. here.

Just giving you a quick look at some of the amazing concept art we have coming in from strips yet to run – this time out: The Haggis and The Hen – the unbeatable tag team of Scotland’s greatest ever Wrestler (deceased) and his smart mouthed millennial side-kick. They’re coming soon to the Dead Reserves but to whet your appetiteĀ here’s some of the beautiful work artist David Yeh has done in fleshing out the concept below.

Enjoy – W.D.haggis-the-hen-concept-1

Phil ‘the Haggis’ Hogarth was originally envisioned as a take on ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, but David drew him as more of a Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts. After seeing David’s version, I couldn’t have imagined anyone else as the character.


Emma Campbell A.K.A. The Hen, taken from the affectionate Scottish colloquialism was originally imagined as a teenage Karen Gillen. Here David’s given her a cool punk vibe.


Saved from liver failure by Phil’s donation, Emma has found herself able to conjur Phil as a protector, but also a paternal figure. He’s literally the father she never had. Likewise she’s the daughter Phil never had. David does a great job capturing that side of their relationship here. Phil is very much the kindly spectral giant to Emma’s spunky teen.