The Dead Reserves follows the global adventures of the members of the Post Live Adjustments agency. A team of talented people, all of whom can channel the dead to aid them in the various cases they’re working, by using totemic artifacts connected to the deceased.

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The Sun Yee On Triad society runs the cops at Ngau Tau Kok.

So when Officer Liu Zhang can’t report on the dead bodies showing up bound in Kowloon harbor for fear of his own and his family’s lives, nor the spate of disappearances among the townships vagrants, he secrets leading information to Sonny Yung. A Chinese American with ties to the PLA, and seemingly a conscience.

Following the leads Sonny quickly realizes he’s in too deep with the black society, with over 100,000 triad members in Hong Kong alone. Still, he just can’t let it be.

Deciding to gain hard evidence to hand to the city’s Organized Crime and Triad Bureau, Sonny heads to the Kowloon warehouse district with the intent of capturing pictures of forced labor rings and people trafficking on his smartphones camera.

It’s right about then Sonny gets caught. It’s right about then we discover just how dangerous Sonny’s ghostly totem really is …

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